Field Work Photographs


October 2018: GPS field campaign in Methana, Saronic Gulf

September 2017: CRL school photo at Psaromita

July 2016: Strike-Slip faulting near Dragano, Lefkada

September 2015: Rododafni Aigion

Summer 2015: paleoseismological trench at Pidima, Messinia

February 2015: Xenios gps campaign, Kalochori (Messinia)

October 2011: Oichalia seismic sequence, Messinia

July 2006: Slovenia field trip

April 2006: Inside a paleoseismological trench in Agios Konstantinos, central Greece

June 2004: Active Faulting along the Elovitsa River in SW Bulgaria

June 2004: Active Faulting near Malakasa, central Greece

April 2004: Ground and Sea Spectra collection, Palaikastro Bay, Eastern Crete

November 2003: Field Trip around the Phyle (Fili) Fault Area, central Greece

May 2003: Active fault mapping in Tanagra basin, central Greece

October 2001: Youchtas   Active Fault Plane, Crete

March 2001: Maliza rupture, active fault mapping in central Greece

October 2000: Ground truth sampling for EO data calibration: Stefanos crater, Nisyros,

May 2000: Ismit earthquake surface breaks Ismit 17/8/1999

September 1999: Athens Earthquake Surface Breaks Athens 7/9/1999

August 1999: Milos, South Aegean volcanic Arc, Greece.

June 1999: APERTURE Project Partners in Mykonos, Aegean Sea