X-ray source number counts (Georgakakis et al. 2008, MNRAS, 388, 1205)

X-ray number counts in the 0.5-2, 2-10, 0.5-10, 5-10keV bands estimated using the methods described in Georgakakis et al. 2008. Both the differential number counts, dN/dS, (units deg-2/(erg/s/cm2)) and the cumulative counts, N(>S), units (deg-2) are listed. The columns are (1) flux, (2) dN/dS or N(>S) and (3) error using the bootstrap resampling method of Georgakakis et al. 2008.

The images, sensitivity maps, exposure maps, source lists etc for the X-ray surveys used to construct the number counts are currently available at the Imperial College astrophysics group site.



Red 2MASS QSOs (Georgakakis et al. 2009, MNRAS, 394, 533)

UV/optical to far-IR photometry for the sample of 2MASS selected reddened QSOs presented by Georgakakis et al. 2009. The Spitzer IRAC (3.6-8μm) and MIPS (24-160μm) image of these sources are also available. The multiwavelength SEDs (UV/optical to far-IR) of PG QSOs used in the paper above can also be downloaded.



Optical Morphology of AGN host galaxies (Georgakakis et al. 2009, MNRAS, 397, 623)

The source catalogues used to estimate the X-ray Luminosity Function (XLF) for different host galaxy morphological types are provided. These include X-ray sources in the AEGIS, CDF-N and CDF-S surveys in the redshift interval 0.5<z<1.3 and optical magnitudes brighter than IF814W=23mag (AEGIS) and zF850LP=24mag (CDF-N/S).