Dr Vassilis K. Karastathis

Research Director
Exploration Seismology - Applied Geophysics

Physicist, Geophysicist M.Sc, Ph.D

Last update January 10, 2015

Scientific Interests

Dr Vassilios K. Karastathis is a Research director at NOA/GI. His research interest and expertise are focused on Applied Geophysics and Exploration Seismology and currently on the study and development of modern seismic techniques, seismic modeling and local earthquake tomography. He studied Physics at the University of Athens and he holds M.Sc. and Ph.D degrees in “Applied Geophysics” (University of Birmingham and University of Athens). He has 35 publications in international refereed journals, other 45 papers in conference proceedings and a high number of abstracts in international conferences. He has also participated as an invited speaker at international conferences and workshops. He is member of editorial boards of international scientific journals and organizing committees of international conferences and workshops. He has coordinated 18 research projects in NOA and he has also participated in 54 more. In 2002, he was awarded with the Academy of Athens 1st prize for his publication “2-D Velocity structure of the buried ancient canal of Xerxes: an application of seismic methods in archaeology" in Journal of Applied Geophysics. This work had a worldwide impact in the most important international media, newspapers and popularized scientific magazines (New York Times, Times, etc). In 2014 he was elected as President of Scientific Advisory Board of Institute of Geodynamics. Since May 2009 he serves as member of the permanent scientific committee for the social earthquake protection.


Degree on Physics (University of Athens), M.Sc on Applied Geophysics (University of Birmingham), Ph.D on Geophysics (University of Athens)


Principal investigator (scientific responsible in NOA)

18 research projects

Participation as Researcher in other projects

More than 50 projects


International refereed journal

35 articles

Conference Proceedings

45 articles

Conference Participations

48 abstracts

Awards - Distinctions

2002. Academy of Athens 1st Prize. For the publication "2-D Velocity structure of the buried ancient canal of Xerxes: an application of seismic methods in archaeology". Awarded: V. K. Karastathis and S. Papamarinopoulos.

Photos from fieldwork

Nafplio (A friend eager for learning about our triaxial geophones)


Atalanti (Preperation of the OBSs with the team of Geopro GmbH)




In a dam evaluation study


In a dam foundation study


Study of Sparta’s fault