The XMM/SDSS serendipitous X-ray survey


The XMM/SDSS is a serendipitous X-ray survey based on archival XMM observations that overlap with the SDSS DR-7 footprint. The data reduction steps, the source detection methodology, the sensitivity map construnction and the identification of the X-ray sources with SDSS counterparts are described in Georgakakis et al. 2011. The version 1 of final source catalogue which includes about 40,000 sources is made available below. Images, exposure maps, background maps and sensitivity maps for individual XMM fields are availabe upon request to Please check the ra/dec of individual XMM obsids analysed as part of the XMM/SDSS survey listed in the file below to identify your field of choise. If you find this data useful please cite Georgakakis et al. 2011.